Self-Neglect Among Older Adults: Is it a “Lifestyle” Choice?

Source: National Adult Protective Services Association (NAPSA)

Published: 2021


Self-neglect among older adults is a rapidly growing public health and global issue, and is the most problematic in the elder abuse and neglect literature. Data suggests that self-neglect contributes to diminished quality of life and is associated with high mortality rates, however, research on the perspectives of older adults who have been identified as self-neglecting has not received the attention it deserves. Understanding the perspectives of older adults who self-neglect has never been as critical as it today. Studies estimate that the prevalence of self-neglect is expected to rise with the increase in the growth of the elderly population. Therefore, it is reasonable to ask, how could we better serve older adults who engage in self-neglecting behaviors if we lack adequate understanding of their lived experiences?

Link: Self-Neglect Among Older Adults: Is it a “Lifestyle” Choice?

Topics: Neglect, Prevention/Intervention, Screening/Assessment, Self-neglect

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