SAFE: Safe Accessible Forensic Interviewing for Elders

Source: US Department of Justice

Published: 2023


Developed to meet the growing need for victim-centered interview techniques for use with older adults in criminal contexts, SAFE is grounded in forensic interviewing best practices with considerations and adaptations to account for age-related changes in cognition, underlying neuropathology (e.g., dementia), individual disability, language capacity, and cultural background.  All of the training materials needed to offer SAFE are provided below, with each training curriculum intended for a different audience (see Training Overview).

Link: SAFE: Safe Accessible Forensic Interviewing for Elders

Topics: Cognition/Capacity, Domestic Violence in Later Life, Legal, Screening/Assessment

Access: Web-based

Intended Use: Self-directed Learning

Audience: Legal/Law Enforcement, Social Services

Level: Advanced, Intermediate