Person-Centered Approaches to Elder Abuse

Source: National Center on Elder Abuse

Published: 2023


Person-Centered care has been defined in geriatric medicine as care where “individuals’ values and preferences are elicited and once expressed, guide all aspects of their health care, supporting their realistic health and life goals.” This approach has potential for improving outcomes for elder abuse victims, but adaptation to elder abuse interventions is in its infancy. This webinar will be a discussion on person-centered approaches used with victims of elder abuse, among professionals from programs that assist victims by understanding what is important to them. This webinar will cover:
• the definition of person-centered care, in the context of working with elder abuse victims
• lessons learned from this service paradigm
• observed benefits for elder abuse victims
• challenges of this approach
• resources and tools

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Link: Person-Centered Approaches to Elder Abuse

Topics: Multidisciplinary Teams, Overview/General

Access: Web-based

Intended Use: Self-directed Learning

Audience: Social Services

Level: Advanced, Intermediate