Mental Health in APS Practice eLearning

Source: Academy for Professional Excellence

Published: 2021


eLearning for Core Curriculum Module 6

2 hours (2 CEs)

This course is designed to provide APS professionals with an introduction to terms and behaviors used to identify mental health issues they may encounter when working with older adults. The course includes information on the five broad categories of mental disorders, diseases that affect the brain, and suicide risk assessment and intervention. Participants will have an opportunity to apply what they’ve learned to a series of case studies.

Registering for eLearning 
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Link: Mental Health in APS Practice eLearning

Topics: Mandatory Reporting, Multidisciplinary Teams, Prevention/Intervention, Screening/Assessment

Access: Web-based (Fee)

Intended Use: Self-directed Learning

Audience: Social Services

Level: Basic, Intermediate