Interviewing Alleged Perpetrators: The Why, The When, and The How

Source: National Adult Protective Services Association (NAPSA)

Published: 2021


APS professionals and others who conduct investigations may be required to attempt to interview alleged perpetrators. Where abuse has occurred, the interview can provide insights into whether a perpetrator can safely continue to assist or have contact with a client/victim, may benefit from social services or counseling, and is willing to redress past wrongs. The information gathered during the interview may establish that a situation is less serious than originally believed or doesn’t involve culpable conduct. Effective interviewing does not come naturally to many interviewers. And while some skills used when interviewing clients may be similar, it is helpful to understand where there are differences in goals, approaches and questions. In this webinar, presenters will provide an overview of ways to improve the productiveness of A/P interviews. A tip sheet tool, which can be used in APS practice, will be introduced and additional related training options will be provided.

Link: Interviewing Alleged Perpetrators: The Why, The When, and The How

Topics: Mandatory Reporting, Overview/General, Screening/Assessment

Access: Web-based

Intended Use: Self-directed Learning

Audience: Social Services