Free Webcast: Recognizing & Addressing Elder Abuse on Legal Helplines and Hotlines

Source: National Center on Law and Elder Rights

Published: 2019


Recognizing elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation of older adults over the phone presents unique challenges for legal helpline and hotline advocates, and it requires skills specific to phone communication. Elder abuse may be hidden within the issue presented by the caller, and legal aid attorneys, pro bono attorneys, and staff have the difficult task of spotting these issues and determining the best way to handle them.

In this webcast, presenters will share information on:

  • How to identify elder abuse situations on helplines;
  • Best practices for trauma-informed communication and cultural competency when speaking with callers who have experienced abuse; and
  • Protocols for determining the best course of action, appropriate referrals, and safety precautions.

Senior-focused and general helplines, as well as advocates providing services by phone will benefit from the information presented in this webcast. Older adults who have experienced abuse may reach out to a variety of places to seek assistance, and screening for elder abuse is an important practice for all legal helplines and call centers.

Link: Free Webcast: Recognizing & Addressing Elder Abuse on Legal Helplines and Hotlines

Topics: Cognition/Capacity, Domestic Violence in Later Life, Emotional/Psychological Abuse, Financial Abuse, Mandatory Reporting, Overview/General, Physical Abuse, Screening/Assessment, Sexual Abuse

Access: Web-based

Intended Use: Self-directed Learning

Audience: Advocates, Health Care, Legal/Law Enforcement, Social Services