Financial Exploitation and Family Dynamics

Source: National Center on Law and Elder Rights (NCLER)

Published: 2024


Recent reports estimate that more than $20 billion is lost from older adults each year due to financial exploitation by family, friends, and caregivers. Because of the significant costs and emotional impact associated with such exploitation, it is important to work with older adults to identify their preferred options and remedies to recover from abuse.

This training will discuss the options that can be used to address financial exploitation by family members, including mediation, restorative justice, and other solutions to remedy the situation and preserve the relationship with family. The training will also provide information on the importance of advanced planning and how to work with banks and financial institutions to prevent financial exploitation by family members and preserve autonomy.

Link: Financial Exploitation and Family Dynamics

Topics: Financial Abuse, Legal, Prevention/Intervention

Access: Web-based

Intended Use: Self-directed Learning

Audience: Advocates, Caregivers, Finance, Legal/Law Enforcement, Social Services