Exploring Restorative Approaches to Elder Justice

Source: California Elder Justice Coalition

Published: 2022


Exploring Restorative Approaches to Elder Justice- Webinar #1: Syracuse, New York’s “Long Game” for Adopting Restorative Approaches to Elder Abuse (January  2022)

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In 2016, a small group of Syracuse, New York service providers and researchers gathered to explore restorative justice approaches to elder abuse. Recognizing the challenges they faced, the group developed “the long game,” which began with a qualitative research project to evaluate service providers’ perceptions of using RJ in this context. They went on to explore RJ approaches to elder abuse around the world, which resulted in an article analyzing existing efforts and offering recommendations and a conference that brought together leaders of the RJ and elder abuse movement to share models and expertise. The presenters will discuss their research, tentative conclusions, and their “eCORE Project,” which offers community building and conflict resolution circles to seniors.
• Maria Brown, Assistant Research Professor, School of Social Work and Aging Studies Institute, Syracuse University Falk College
Mary Helen McNeal, Professor and Director, Elder and Health Law Clinic, Syracuse University College of Law


Exploring Restorative Approaches to Elder Justice- Webinar #2: A Circle Approach to Healing the Harm of Financial Exploitation (February 2022)

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​The Waterloo Restorative Justice Elder Abuse Project, developed over two decades ago, remains one of the few programs of its kind serving older adults. Attendees to this session will preview a video depicting how the Waterloo program uses a peacemaking circle to reduce the harm to family relationships following financial elder abuse. The video’s producer and circle co-facilitators will discuss the benefits and challenges of applying restorative justice to elder abuse, potential applications and settings in which it can be used, and steps for implementing programs.
• Eva Marszewski is founder and director of Peacebuilders (Canada), a nonprofit organization that provides restorative programs and services to young people and works towards effecting change in the justice and education systems.
• Arlene Groh, retired consultant, Healing Approaches to Elder Abuse Waterloo (Ontario) and founding director of the Community Care Access Centre’s Restorative Justice Approach to Elder Abuse Project. 


Exploring Restorative Approaches to Elder Justice- Webinar #3: A Cultural Perspective on Restorative Justice (March 2022)

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​This session highlights traditional tribal practices for responding to elder abuse that are based on a culture of respect and justice for elders, and will explore ways those traditional practices may interface with or inform restorative approaches in mainstream institutions.
Panelists include:

  • Jacqueline Gray (ret.),  Research Associate Professor, School of Medicine & Health Sciences, and principal investigator, National Indigenous Elder Justice Initiative (NIEJI) at the Center for Rural Health, University of North Dakota
  • Maylynn Riding In, Graduate Research Assistant, NIEJI, and Health Policy Research Scholar, Public Health Education, University of North Dakota  ​(Presented by Wendelin Hume, Associate Professor, Department of Criminal Justice, University of North Dakota)
  • Kay Pranis, national leader in restorative justice and author of multiple books, including the Little Book of Circle Processes: A New/Old Approach to Peacemaking 


Exploring Restorative Approaches to Elder Justice– Webinar #4: Restorative Justice / Elder Abuse Prevention Showcase (April 2022)

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​This session will highlight restorative practices and approaches that are being applied to prevent elder abuse by local communities and tribes.
Panelists include:

  • Mike Payne, Detective Constable, Special Victims Unit and Senior Support Team, Waterloo Regional Police Service
  • Margaret Carson, Program Manager, Muckleshoot Indian Tribe Adult Protective Services Program
  • Maylynn Riding In, Graduate Research Assistant, National Indigenous Elder Justice Initiative (NIEJI), and the Health Policy Research Scholar, Public Health Education, University of North Dakota

Webinars 3 and 4 are co-sponsored by the National Indigenous Elder Justice Initiative (NIEJI) at the Center for Rural Health at the University of North Dakota, and the National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA), in addition to our series co-sponsors Institute on Aging and Legal Aid Association of California.  The series is made possible by a grant from the van Loben Sels/RembeRock Foundation.

Link: Exploring Restorative Approaches to Elder Justice

Topics: Diversity/Cultural Competency, Financial Abuse, Legal, Overview/General, Screening/Assessment


Intended Use: Self-directed Learning

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