Compulsive Hoarding in Older Adults

Source: Boston University School of Social WorkCenter for Aging & Disability Education & Research

Published: unknown


Is your older client simply an eccentric collector or is she a compulsive hoarder? Find out how to know and what to do about it in this popular course. Hoarding is a common problem with serious risks to health and safety, especially for older people. Approximately one in 30 adults is affected. This course describes the signs and manifestations of compulsive hoarding, the trajectory of the condition, and how it affects the individual’s behavior and ability to function at home and in the community. The course features the latest methods of assessment, treatment, and intervention to help clients and their families. Case studies provide concrete examples, and bonus resources and background information are available for downloading throughout the course.

Link: Compulsive Hoarding in Older Adults

Topics: Self-neglect

Access: Web-based (Fee)

Intended Use: Self-directed Learning

Audience: Advocates, Caregivers, Health Care, Legal/Law Enforcement, Social Services

Level: Advanced, Basic, Intermediate