California APS Consistency in Findings Blended Training

Source: San Diego State University School of Social Work

Published: 2019



This course has been developed as a blended learning composed of an eLearning and an instructor-led training, where participants first take the eLearning to gain foundational information and then attend the skill-building Instructor-Led Training to build upon that foundation.


This eLearning course uses the CA APS Standards for Consistency in Determining Findings Protocol, which consists of the Guiding Principles and the Matrix, and applies the protocol to case studies. The Guiding Principles and the Matrix make the decision-making process in determining findings easier, enhance effectiveness, and reduce the stress often associated with determining findings. This training will provide clarity on what information to gather during an investigation, what is and what is not important in evaluating the information, and guidance in interpreting the information (1.5 CEs).

Instructor-Led Training:

In this hands-on and engaging advanced instructor-led training, participants receive the opportunity to build upon the foundations learned in the eLearning and practice determining findings to create consistency throughout the state. It is packed with scenarios to help participants work through the California APS Standards for Consistency in Determining Findings Matrix and better understand the findings standards set forth in the Guiding Principles for Consistency in Determining Findings. Participants will write various findings rational narratives, providing a framework for presenting logical justification for findings.


Link: California APS Consistency in Findings Blended Training

Topics: Mandatory Reporting, Prevention/Intervention, Screening/Assessment

Access: Download, Web-based

Intended Use: Self-directed Learning, Teaching Others

Audience: Caregivers, Community, Social Services

Level: Advanced