​Stop the Bleeding – Temporarily Freezing Assets in Elder Abuse Cases

Source: California Elder Justice Coalition

Published: 2021


​Learn how law enforcement, in collaboration with public guardians, can protect older and dependent adults against exploitation during complex criminal investigations. The presenters will describe cases in which they used California Probate Code §2952 to reduce the financial exploitation of older adults who are cognitively impaired by: 

  • Freezing older victims’ assets, including homes and other property;
  • Minimizing the extent of monetary losses; and 
  • Facilitating timelier interventions. 

The presenters will also describe the EDAPT model, which allows elder justice stakeholders to collaborate successfully.

Debbie Deem, FAST Coordinator Ventura County, Retired FBI Victim Specialist

Tara Heumann, San Mateo County Deputy County Counsel
Andrea Higgens, San Mateo County District Attorney Inspector

Webinar recording
Webinar Materials:

Link: ​Stop the Bleeding – Temporarily Freezing Assets in Elder Abuse Cases

Topics: Financial Abuse, Legal, Mandatory Reporting

Access: Web-based

Intended Use: Self-directed Learning

Audience: Legal/Law Enforcement

Level: Advanced, Intermediate