Self Neglect: What We Can Learn from the Mary Northern Case

Source: Terra Nova Films and the National Committee for the Prevention of Elder Abuse

Published: 2009


Putting a human face on one of the most complex and important self-neglect cases of our time, this new DVD introduces us to Mary Northern–a 72 year old woman with gangrene in her lower legs, who refuses surgery, insisting her legs were just dirty. It documents her early life and accomplishments, lists the known facts of the case when first reported to Adult Protective Services, and provides a progression on the case and the subsequent interventions. Through the presentations of several expert panelists, the video delves into the tough issues of capacity and competence, and provides an informative look at the ethical, legal, social, financial, and mental health concerns involved in serving the best interests of vulnerable older adults. The accompanying Teaching and Discussion Guide serves as a springboard to a multidisciplinary dialogue that addresses a myriad of preventive and applicable interventions possible in case of extreme self-neglect.

Link: Self Neglect: What We Can Learn from the Mary Northern Case

Topics: Cognition/Capacity, Multidisciplinary, Self-neglect

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Intended Use: Self-directed Learning, Teaching Others

Audience: Advocates, Caregivers, Community, Health Care, Legal/Law Enforcement, Social Services

Level: Basic, Intermediate