Responding to Late Life Domestic Violence

Source: 800ageinfo For Professionals

Published: 2015


“Responding to Late Life Domestic Violence” is the culmination of a three year VAWA STOP grant that was awarded to the Executive Office of Elder Affairs. The grant project was designed to provide training between Elder Protective Services Agencies, Domestic Violence Agencies and Rape Crisis agencies in order to improve responses to cases of domestic violence and sexual assault involving older women and to foster cross agency collaboration. The feedback from two years of live training was used to develop the concepts for this training film.

While basic clinical principles of interviewing and intervention are illustrated and discussed in this film, it is important to remember that every case needs an individualized approach. This film is best utilized as a means of education in the context of group viewing and discussion within an agency and between collaborating agencies. A Discussion and Resource Guide is being developed to complement this film and will be posted when it becomes available.

Link: Responding to Late Life Domestic Violence

Topics: Domestic Violence in Later Life

Access: Web-based

Intended Use: Self-directed Learning, Teaching Others

Audience: Advocates, Social Services

Level: Advanced, Intermediate