Online Elder Abuse Tool Kit

Source: Senior Rights Victoria



Elder abuse prevention online professional education training

The Victorian Government is currently delivering Elder Abuse Prevention online professional education training. This online training has been initiated to assist in building the capacity of the Victorian workforce to identify and respond to elder abuse and is based on the Victorian Government Practice Guide, With respect to age 2009.

Objectives of the training are to:

  • recognise and define types of elder abuse
  • identify risk factors for elder abuse
  • understand the empowerment model
  • recognise that elder abuse situations are often complex
  • understand duty of care as worker
  • contribute to building the capacity of organisation’s to effectively respond to elder abuse.

The course, targeted at anyone working with older people, takes 1.5 to 2 hours to complete and is free of charge. It includes a range of case studies, some in video format to illustrate these concepts and there is a short assessment at the end. Participants are required to register for the course and will be issued with a certificate upon successful completion of the course and assessment.

The course portal is located at:

Additionally the Department of Health and Human Services has granted Crown Copyright Licences to GVPCP (Goulburn Valley Primary Care Partnership) and RACGP (The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners) to use the department’s elder abuse prevention training materials:

  • Workshop 1 Manual: Rights. Respect. Trust. “Victorian Government Elder Abuse Prevention Strategy”
  • Workshop 2 Manual: Rights. Respect. Trust. Victorian Government Elder Abuse Prevention Strategy”
  • DVD 1. Recognise and Respond to Elder Abuse (Workshop 1)
  • DVD 2. Responding to Indications of Elder Abuse (Workshop 2)
  • DVD 3. The Role of Seniors Rights Victoria

RACGP can use, reproduce, adapt and communicate these materials to enable them to deliver professional education training in elder abuse prevention to professionals working in general practice.

GVPCP can use the materials, including by granting sub-licences, to enable them to deliver professional education training in elder abuse prevention workshops to professionals in Victorian based agencies which service Victorian communities and which are members of the Goulburn Valley Primary Care Partnership.

Also see DVRCV training.

Link: Online Elder Abuse Tool Kit

Topics: Overview/General

Access: Web-based

Intended Use: Self-directed Learning

Audience: Advocates, Caregivers, Community, Finance, Health Care, Legal/Law Enforcement, Multidisciplinary, Social Services

Level: Basic, Intermediate