Elder Abuse Prevention Training Learning Path

Source: Nevada Care Connection



This is the Elder Abuse Prevention Training presented by the State of Nevada Aging and Disability Services Division.Elder abuse is an under recognized problem with devastating and even life threatening consequences.

Every day, headlines throughout the U.S. paint a grim picture of seniors who have been abused, neglected, and exploited, often by people they trust the most. Abusers may be spouses, family members, personal acquaintances, or professionals in positions of trust; or opportunistic strangers who prey on the vulnerable.

This course covers Nevada law as it pertains to Elder Abuse.  It satisfies annual training requirements for mandated reporters under NRS 200.5091.

For information regarding Elder Abuse outside of Nevada, visit the National Center on Elder Abuse.

Link: Elder Abuse Prevention Training Learning Path

Topics: Financial Abuse, Legal, Long-term Care

Access: Web-based

Intended Use: Self-directed Learning

Audience: Legal/Law Enforcement, Multidisciplinary